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Bespoke Corporate Gifts from Diamond Jewellers in Glasgow, UK

The Diamond Studio Corporate offers you a special personalised service to purchasing your business gifts.

Corporate gifts represent the identity of your brand. We offer a free consultation and discussion of how to Maximise brand awareness through gifts and your own business branded merchandise.

The team will evaluate what would fit in with your company's image and budget; we can create small runs of bespoke gifts or Customise items to make them personal to you by engraving them or creating them to something personal.

Our silver and diamond pitch marker is sold at Loch Lomond Golf Club, and other Clients which include Whisky companies and restaurants. We have also created a Silver & Diamond Golf Pitch Marker as Scotland’s gift to New York’s former Mayor Rudi Giuliani in 2010. A beautiful unique Golf Pitch marker Silver and Diamond with Lion Rampant hand engraved, also creating Bespoke Cufflinks for Kofi Anan in 2011, engraved with a Thistle, a national emblem for Scotland and each cufflink had 3 small diamonds. We have also created a beautiful, elegant piece for Madeline Albright in Nov 2012 who was a defence secretary in the United States of America. Which was a Silver book mark set with a small diamond which was then engraved with a Saltire and at the back of the bookmark it was engraved with a Scottish term “Haste ye back”. This means ‘Hurry Up and Come Back’.

The Diamond Studio is developing its business to another business which is working with our corporate gifts and bringing them to Businesses around the world.

These corporate gifts include: Cufflinks, Money Clips, Business Card Holders and Key rings all these products can be personalised and engraved with a business logo, personal message, date of birth and your name and anything else you would like to truly make this your own piece.


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