Bespoke Jewellers in Glasgow, UK

Bespoke Jewellers in Glasgow, UK

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for then The Diamond Studio's Bespoke Service is just for you...

The Diamond Studio prides itself on its bespoke service, providing the perfect piece of jewellery with you in mind. By letting us know exactly what you are looking for and your price range, we can design a unique piece of jewellery that suits both you and your budget. You can bring in ideas of designs or just tell us exactly what you have in mind and we will custom make your jewellery and make your dream piece a reality. By choosing your own stone, setting and materials we will come up with a truly personal piece that you can treasure for years to come.

This absolutely fabulous topaz and diamond ring is our newest custom-made design for one of our amazing clients.

Centre gem London Blue Topaz is 6 carat princess cut and 34 Round diamonds weighs 0.70 carats in total - G Colour VS1 clarity.

It is set in 4.34 grams off 18 k white gold.


The other new gorgeous bespoke blue topaz and diamond ring is completed recently for our client.

It was made with 4 carat centre princess cut sky blue topaz beautiful and clear with 4 Baguette Cut Diamonds
G Colour VS1 Clarity which are ethically sourced diamonds and  weighs 0.25 Carats in total.
It was set in 18k white gold weighing a total of 4.18 grams.

Size shown is an L.


See this brilliant and stunning ruby and diamond ring we created recently below. Client was trully happy with the special design and good quality.

Centre Ruby is a beautiful OVAL Cut fit for royalty 1.56 oval cut ruby set in 18k white gold - 4.57 grams.

4 Baguette Cut Diamonds - G Colour VS1 Clarity - ethically sourced diamonds - 0.25 Carats weight in total.

Size shown is a K ½.


The Diamond Studio also provides a remodelling service, turning your old, unworn jewellery into modern, new pieces that you will love. By using existing stones and metals this is a very cost effective way of treating yourself to stunning new jewellery. Another idea is to turn your old broken wedding / engagement rings into something new and fabulous. For example, a customer in the past had an old engagement ring containing 3 diamonds which she got made into 3 individual rings for each of her 3 daughters. 


This beautiful diamond and ruby ring is a custom-made design made especially for one of our clients using their original engagement rings which had the two diamonds... we added some creative flair and one amazing ruby!The ring is set with 1 carat round brilliant cut ruby - pinkish in colour and 2 round brilliant diamonds with a total of 0.20 carats

G/H colour & VS 1/2 clarity

The price for this bespoke design is £2250 but the cost varies depending on size of ring, size and quality of stone. The ring can also be made with different coloured gem-stones such as emeralds or sapphires.



We are also delighted to complete our recent remodel, turning the past into your future. We specialise in making your legacy jewellery into something fresh current. See our clients 3 rings, the yellow diamond wedding band was her grandmother’s pre World War 2 in 1936.
We worked on ideas to put all 3 together into one special ring incorporating the gold from the rings which was melted and added to. The result is a new factor ring, 4 round brilliant diamonds and a stunning round sapphire. Each stone has a different size so completely unique set in 18k white gold with the small diamonds from granny’s ring in the shoulders. A piece with history and made with love.

We at the Diamond Studio make buying jewellery a very personal experience and will help you choose and alter any piece to suit you as an individual. By taking a hand in designing the piece not only are you getting exactly what you want but making the piece more special. We like to get involved and go the extra mile to make your experience everything it should be and have helped out with many engagements and weddings to date. By giving us your budget and ideas of what you want we are able to work within that to provide you with your ideal piece of jewellery at the lowest possible price. Please see below to read about our most recent bespoke designs.


The customers Tanzanite stone which once lay at the bottom of her bag, was transformed into something new, fabulous and unique. Tanzanite is noted for its remarkably strong trichroism, appearing alternatively sapphire blue, violet and burgandy depending on crystal orientation. It was created in 950 platinum, with 950 being the best possible quality. Ther ring has a total weight of 12.24 and oozes class. Our customer was trully delighted and couldn't believe how stunning and fabulous the ring turned out to be. 


Tanzanite and Diamond Ring




Another example of our bespoke service is the ring we designed for one of our customers, Scott Strachan. Scott was delighted to have the ability to choose each element of the ring, from the diamond to the mount as well as the setting. The Diamond Studio put the piece into production and then waited impatiently to see the final outcome ...and so did Scott. Eager to please his future fiance, Scott phoned day and night every couple of days to check up on the process of the ring in order to make sure it was perfect. 



We have just finished designing a ring for one of our customers in Essex. Initially, he came to us with a picture of the type of design he had in mind, and after many discussions we came up with a design that met both his budget and requirements. From the beginning design stage right through to production, he was involved in the entire process and this ensured that the finished design was made exactly to his specifications and kept within budget. After many weeks of anticipation the ring is finally finished. The ring was made with 18k white gold weighing a total of 13.15 grams. It was set with 35 baguette cut sapphires and 8 round brilliant cut diamonds, with a total of 0.14 carats. All stones used were natural, we don't use anything artificially enhanced.  Please note, these specifications are for a size T ring, alternative sizes will be slightly different.




Ladies Bespoke Engagement Ring in a setting of 18k white, yellow gold with Diamonds. 4.86 grams of gold - 0.40ct G Colour VSI Centre 1.03ct Princess Cut Diamonds G/H Colour VS2 Clarity.

This Engagement Ring can also come as a set with a outstanding wedding band that is shown with this engagement ring itself, and can have a lovely shaped Diamond as what you've always dreamed about.

Ladies Bespoke White, Yellow Gold Wedding Band in 18ct - 5.80 grams

Diamonds - 25 Princess Cut Diamonds - 0.45ct weight G Colour VSI Clarity.

Total Diamonds in Matching Bespoke set is 2cts.


Oval Ceylonese Sapphire 18KW Gold Engagement Ring which gives off a beautiful true blue colour.

The sapphire is in 1.02ct the ring itself has 89 Round Diamonds which are in 0.47ct in a G colour with the clarity of VS1 in 4.91gm. Size shown here is a J, Style this with a diamond, coloured stone or a gemstone (I.E. a ruby or a emerald).







Engagement Mount in 18ct White Gold & 1.25ct Wedding band in 18K White Gold. This beautifully designed mount with the perfect Centre stone of 2.26ct in 18K White Gold with most. This 18kw white gold mount has diamonds surrounding the mount, with 58 round diamonds in total, making an impressive 1ct in the band with 2 rows of perfect shaped round diamonds.

A classic and stunning wedding band this ring has 3 rows of round brilliant diamonds which are beautifully set the full circumference of the band set in 18K white gold. This ring is perfect as a wedding ring with a matching engagement ring available or perfect as an eternity ring but can be worn on any finger as a sparkling fashion piece.
Total carat weight - 1.25ct

Any mount design can be created to suit your style and taste as part of our bespoke service.
Choosing the mount and diamond separately gives you the opportunity to select the size and shape of diamond that suits both your style and budget, creating your perfect ring.
Diamonds - G/H colour; VS1/2 clarity



 At the Diamond Studio, we are able to do a variety of hand & letter engraving; from personal messages to the Rangers or Celtic, Aberdeen crest whether it be an old piece of jewellery; to a wedding ring or a personalised business card holder or even a key-ring. William Wallace, one of our most recent customers from Australia chose to have the RFC crest hand engraved on his gold wedding ring. Our hand engraving service is a cost effective way of adding that personal touch to a gift or even just adding sentimental value to a special piece of jewellery, plus it normally doesn’t take longer than a week to do! 



Rangers Gold Plated Ring With Diamond Engraved with Wedding Day inside.




Aberdeen Football Club Cufflinks With Ruby & Diamonds Engraved With Aberdeen FC Crest.



 Celtic Football Club Engraved Business Card Holder/Season Card Holder

Each month has its own birthstone and are said to be meaningful to those born in the significant month. They are the perfect gift for those celebrating their birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion during the related month. We can incorporate birthstones into a variety of different jewellery such as rings, pendants, charms, cufflinks or even just the stone itself.

Signet rings are coming back in fashion and are appearing to be more & more popular! Many celebrities have recently been seen wearing signet rings including Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Carpenter. We can design you your own unique personalised signet ring. Or, we can also do letter engraving on a ring you already have!


Freedom rings  ... what an ideal present to treat yourself! - a ring to be worn on your right hand to show that you are completely happy with who you are, whether your single or married it doesn't matter! Freedom rings can be made with any design but some of our favourites include: birds, butterflies, sea, sun, moon or stars. 


At The Diamond Studio, we know that choosing the perfect engagement ring  is not something that can be rushed, it is important for your loved one to have a ring as unique as they are, and The Diamond Studio is the place to find it! We have a selection of engagement rings and mounts to choose from but if you can't find exactly what you are looking for then whatever the cut, colour, clarity or carat we will design the ring exactly how you request. 



Corporate gifts are also part of our bespoke service. In the past we have designed a range of things such as golf pitch markers, business / credit card holders. However, we are able to design a variety of other thing such as phone cases or even car keys or corroporate business accessories. 




Get in touch with us via email  , phone +44 (0141) 248 2389 to book an appointment (Late appointments are also available)

135 Wellington Street 


G2 2XD

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create unique and personal pieces of jewellery.



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